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Now Available! The brand-new Spanish Translation of the Truth For Youth® Bible.

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Help us provide Truth For Youth® Bibles to be distributed to unsaved teenagers in America’s public schools!

Help us bring the message of the Gospel to America’s youth and counter the ill effect of the liberal agenda being promoted aggressively in America’s public schools by helping to provide Truth for Youth® Bibles for every teenager in the United States.

The Truth for Youth® is given to every teenager who commits to give the Bibles to their unsaved friends in school. Over 2.5 million Truth for Youth® have already been distributed and thousands of young people are receiving Christ through these efforts!

One goal for giving the Truth for Youth® to teenagers is to restore religious freedoms in public school. The main goal of the Truth for Youth®, however, is to bring the message of the Gospel to America’s young people so they might receive Christ and become His disciples.

Revival Fires International has made it a top priority to reach the 53.8 million youth in America’s public schools with the truth of God’s Word!


Spanish Translation Also Available!

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Truth for Youth® features God’s Word Translation New Testament and 100 pages of powerful, full-color comic stories that present the “absolute truth” about issues that young people are confronted with. These include:

Sexual Purity





Secular Rock Music


Sexting & Cyber-Bullying


School Violence


Cutting & Suicide

Drugs, Drunkenness, and Peer Pressure

The Truth for Youth® Bible has been enthusiastically endorsed by some of America’s most prominent spiritual leaders. See what they had to say:

→ Billy Graham → Michael Reagan → T.D. Jakes → Pat Boone →The Late Actor Dean Jones → Rod Parsley → David Ring →The Late Steve Hill → Denny Duron → William J. Murray
→ Mike Purkey → Randy Valimont → Rick Scarborough → Mathew Staver → Cecil Todd → The Late Bill Bright → The Late Jerry Falwell → The Late Art Linkletter → The Late Billy Joe Daugherty

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The Truth for Youth mission is to bring the message of the Gospel to America’s young people so they might receive Christ and become His disciples. You can order your own Truth For Youth Bibles to giveaway to unsaved friends and teens in school.

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Truth For Youth Bibles are only $2.00 each (our cost) when purchased by the case.
Each case contains 50 Bibles.

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Truth For Youth Bibles are just $3.00 each when purchased as small, single quantities.