The National Truth for Youth® Bible Week on American Family Radio has ended.

However, you may still order Truth for Youth® Bibles at a DISCOUNTED cost.

What a great way to share the Good News of Jesus Christ! You can order 50 Truth for Youth® Bibles for only $100-AT COST! That's just $2.00 each.


Truth For Youth® Bibles are also available in Spanish!


What is the Truth For Youth® Bible?

Purchase Your Own Truth for Youth® Bibles

The Truth for Youth® mission is to bring the message of the Gospel to America's young people so they might receive Christ and become His disciples. Now, you can order your own Truth for Youth® Bibles to giveaway to unsaved friends and teens in school!

Purchase by the Case

Truth For Youth Bibles below are only $2.00 each (our cost) when purchased by the case. Each case contains 50 Bibles.

Purchase Singles

Truth For Youth Bibles below are just $3.00 each when purchased as small, single quantities.